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Energy Management

Posted by: 26 Jul 2013

Hi-Tech Systems Energy Management

 Smart Energy Management – Set energy-saving schedules based on the exact activity patterns in your home every day of the week. You'll love how it's much easier to program than a standard programmable thermostat.

Lights and Thermostat Control – Turn the lights on or off or adjust your thermostat using your smartphone, even when your miles away. Even easier, you can set schedules to have them activate automatically.

Activity Patterns – Use behavioral insights from your security system to help make better energy decisions.

Extreme Temps – Automatically adjust your homes temperature when extreme temperatures arise.

Demand Response Programs – Take advantage of rebate programs from local utilities by allowing slight adjustments to your thermostats on extremely hot days to help prevent potential blackouts.
Smart SchedulesTM 
Smart Schedules Activity Patterns allow you to adjust and optimize your thermostat settings based on actual activity patterns throughout your home as captured by your home’s door, window and motion sensors.
Power Outage Notifications
Power outage notifications send real-time mobile alerts when a power outage occurs and also uses community intelligence to alert you to the percentage of nearby customers who have lost power as well.
Severe Weather Alerts
Severe Weather Alerts notify you of approaching tornadoes and other potentially dangerous weather events in the immediate area.
Extreme Temps
With Extreme Temps, your thermostats can automatically adjust when extremely hot or cold weather is forecasted in order to reduce energy costs and lessen the chance of widespread power outages.
Hi-Tech iPad Thermostat Control

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