Business Management & Automation

Extend your property's protection by automating and managing your business.

Automation &
Remote Control

Connect: Login wherever you are to see what’s happening in real time from your computer or mobile device.

Control: With Hi-Touch you can optimize your business by automating temperature, locks, lights, water supply, and more!

Customize: Integrate your system with customized triggers and schedules to fit your business needs.



Save energy and money by extending your properties protection to temperature–controlled assets. Get notified when the temperature falls outside a set range of certain areas like freezers or refrigerators, server rooms, medical supplies, and more.


Historical Reports: With Hi-Touch you can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports that summarize temperature conditions.

Save Energy: Save money with our ‘away mode’ that can automatically adjust the temperature when you arm your security system.

Local Lockout: Stop your employees from adjusting the AC and heat outside of a range you determine.


The comprehensive solution for intrusion detection, surveillance, access & so much more.

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