Home Automation

Put home management at the palm of your hand.

Connect, Control & Customize.

Enhance your security and make life easier with home automation. Hi-Touch allows you to adjust and optimize your thermostat, lights, locks, garage, and more based on actual activity patterns throughout your home. Integrate your system with keyless entry, customized triggers, multiple user code access, intelligent automation, and more.


Locks & Garage.

Locks. Unlock your doors potential! Never worry about losing your keys or friends and family showing up with no one home. With Hi-Touch you can lock or unlock your door no matter where you are.

Garage. Hi-Touch notifies and reminds you if you forget to close your garage and you can close it right from your smartphone.

Energy Management.

With Hi-Touch you are able to set events based on you and your families routines. Have your system adjust the temperature when you leave for the day and right before you return home. You can even target certain rooms that stay generally hot or cold!


Lights & Shades.

Take control. Right from your app, you can adjust any lights, shades, or certain appliances with a simple click.

Put your house to work. Easily program lights to automatically turn on or off when you arrive home, leave for work, arm your panel, or when you go to sleep.

Improve security. Hi-Touch allows you to automate your lights to respond to activity to help deter intruders.

Water Protection.

No more money down the drain.
Hi-Touch is capable of detecting leaks and alerting you which helps prevent water damage and waste. If you are home, you can turn off the water supply, if you are away, our smart water valve + meter can take care of it for you. It can also track and alert you of excessive water consumption.


Get the most out of your home.

Put Hi-Tech's Home Automation on the palm of your hand.

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