Video Surveillance for Business

Hi-Touch offers a selection of commercial grade camera options that combine intelligent analytics, cloud storage, and 24/7 health monitoring to make sure the footage you want is available when you need it.

Surveillance solutions for every type of business environment.

Be confident knowing you can depend on the newest camera technology for your company no matter the size with Hi-Touch video. Choose from our Pro Series that offers a wide range of intelligent features, dome models for more discreet placement, or bullet and turret cameras to maintain full perimeter awareness.

Real Time Detection.

Deter intruders. Our cameras can accurately distinguish between people and vehicles entering your property and can give you alerts after hours for unexpected activity.

Find what matters. Instead of searching through hours of storage, Hi-Touch allows you to look by important events to jump straight to the corresponding footage.

Local storage. Store and save all your clips 24/7 for easy playback or live view.


Business Activity Analytics.

Hi-Touch offers a better way to manage by allowing you to track the movement of people in and around your business through activity management.

  • Occupancy Tracking. Through multidirectional people counting, you can get alerts when occupancy is too high.

  • People Counting. Place an invisible line to count how many people cross it in one direction.

  • Heat Mapping. Know where you have the most foot traffic to target certain areas to increase profits.

  • Crowd Gathering. Target a specific space and get alerts when too many people are gathered in one area.

  • Queue Monitoring. Track average wait times and receive an alert if lines or wait times exceed a set limit. 

The comprehensive solution for intrusion detection, surveillance, access & so much more.

Let's get you started with surveillance solutions for your business.

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