Property Management

Hi-Tech is understanding and experienced in the complexities involved with security solutions for Property Managers, Community Development Districts, and Homeowner’s Association’s. We empower you to remotely manage multiple properties, cutting overhead costs and improving tenant experiences while staying safe and secured.

Video Surveillance for Safer Tenant Life.

Hi-Tech’s Visual Alarm Verification solution helps to enable an accurate and timely response dispatch from first responders. In locations like a pool area, Video Alarm Monitoring is effective in securing property, but more importantly, it enhances tenant and employee safety. 

  • Designated security zones
  • Real-time remote video monitoring
  • Live & Alarm video within seconds of activation
  • Automated and Operator controlled audio broadcasts, lighting, gates, doors, & sirens to protected site

Monitor Vehicle Movements.

Virtual Gate Guard allows you to efficiently verify visitors and expedite entry for known authorized visitors, reducing wait times.

Enhanced Visibility and Insight: With Hi-Tech you can identify any unusual activity or potential security breaches. By analyzing traffic patterns on your premises, you can gain valuable insights to enhance your security measures and operational strategies.

Increase Efficiency Across Locations: Simplify vehicle logging and tracking to save time and resources. Quickly search and get alerts on license plate data from different cameras and locations to find specific vehicles effortlessly. Hi-Tech‘s License Plate Recognition system supports wildcard, partial plate, and equivalent character searches, making it easier to locate exactly what you need.

Strengthen Security: When authorized license plates are detected, they activate the system to open gates or barriers, ensuring smooth entry for permitted vehicles and preventing unauthorized access.

Access Control.

Hi-Tech‘s access technology lets you manage who is authorized to enter specific areas and when they are permitted to do so. Access can be provided via key cards, fobs, vehicle stickers, physical recognition, and more. As the property manager, you decide the level of access for each user based on factors like location and time of day. Once authorized, these credentials will open gates, unlock doors at community entrances, fitness centers, clubhouses, pool areas, athletic courts, and other secured areas you require.

  • Secure & simple entry for Residents and Staff
  • Prevent unauthorized access to the community and amenities
  • Level of access decided by location, times, and more!

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