Family Safety & Wellness

Solutions designed to protect your loved ones’ independence while still proactively keeping them safe and responding to their needs.

Safety is #1.

With Hi-Touch innovative wellness solutions you can be notified when important and meaningful activities customized to your family occur or if they don’t.

We use non-intrusive sensors that monitor activity in the home wherever you need it. Get alerts such as a cabinet door not getting opened, or if an exterior door was opened at an unusual time, or even if your loved one’s movement throughout the home is lower than normal.


Always Connected.

Does your family member live independently? Benefit from this new way to stay closer to your loved one with our Wellcam featuring a 2-way speaker. This Wellcam connects directly to your Hi-Touch app to allow you to easily check-in or to simply say hello to your family member at home. There is also a call-out button that will connect directly to your smartphone when pushed, allowing for a hands-free, clear conversation.

Be a step ahead.

With Hi-Touch’s Wellness Insights you can monitor your loved ones using predictive analytics and activity awareness and alerts you to any changes that could indicate an issue before it becomes an emergency.

Smart Homes are Safe Homes.

Give your loved one a house that can accommodate their needs to keep them safe. You may include locks that notify if a door is not properly secured, a smart thermostat for convenience and comfort, or automated lighting for safety, and so much more!

Protect your oved ones' independence with Wellness technology for their home.

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