Video Monitoring

Sometimes you just need to know things are safe at home and we’ve got you covered.

See everything anywhere.

Outdoors: Only get notified by things that matter, by customizing your video alerts to focus on people, animals, vehicles, or even specific areas of your home.

Indoors: Easily access video clips from any room in your home or check in on family members by chatting through your camera.

Front door: See and talk to visitors that arrive at your home while you’re gone or protect your packages deliveries from theft.


Video Doorbell.

See. Got notified with a video clip when someone approaches or rings your doorbell.

Speak. Click the alert to open the app and allow for a two way communication.

Secure. Lock or unlock your front door right from the video doorbell call screen.

Smartest Cameras on the Block.

Our cameras are able to classify moving objects as people, pets, and vehicles. With Hi-Touch, you can customize the video alerts you receive based on the activity that matters to you. They can also deter intruders with a triggered light at night.


Feel close to home.

Ever wanted to be two places at once? Hi-Touch’s video two way voice technology allows you to stay connected at home even when you can’t be there. Check in with your family, let a visitor know you’re running late, you can do it all wherever you are.

Get the most out of your home.

let's secure your home with video monitoring.

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