Structured Wiring

Hi-Tech Structured Wiring for Expandability Means BIG Home Value

Build your home’s communication infrastructure to last for years come by hiring the experts at Hi-Tech System Associates to handle your structured wiring projects. Proper structured wiring is critical when building a new home and increase both your home’s value and the ability to expand projects in the future. In fact, industry research shows that a home with structured wiring will have a resale value of up to $10,000 more than unwired homes in the same neighborhood.

We’ll make sure your panels are neatly organized and have a modern, attractive appearance. Building a home in the 21st century without a Hi-Tech System Structured Wiring System is like building a home in the 1980s without air conditioning. Structured wiring is necessary for a modern home, and the team at Hi-Tech will make sure it’s done correctly.

Structured Wiring affects your home in many ways:

  • High-Speed Internet
  • High-Speed Computer Networking
  • Quick and Easy Cable Connectivity
  • Seamless Satellite Connectivity
  • Easy Integrations with Distributed Audio & Video
  • Phone Connectivity

Hi-Tech’s structured wiring cabling includes the following:

  • Cat5e network wiring
  • Cat6 network wiring
  • Structured cabling
  • CCTV and surveillance wiring
  • Satellite
  • Ethernet
  • Cable installation
  • Other low-voltage cabling