Commercial Video

Simplify management across multiple locations while ensuring your management teams can access video smoothly and securely. 

Advanced Commercial Surveillance

Hi-Tech‘s intelligent cloud video platform provides enhanced visibility to identify potential risks or opportunities for your business.

Find what you need faster. Verify important events from video and remotely manage alerts, settings, and permissions for all locations and users from one central platform. You can also create custom alerts to receive notifications to discover irregularities effortlessly with the help of cloud-powered insights, conveniently accessible to you by mobile device or web services.

Key Benefits: Remote Monitoring, Custom Alerts, Cybersecurity, Streamlined Management, Fast and Easy Video Sharing, Reduced IT Workload, and Simplified Connectivity.


Visual Alarm Verification

An effective visual security solution that deters crime and enhances employee safety. 


Deterrence and Prevention: Hi-Tech‘s Enterprise Video Services gives you and your organization peace of mind. With live remote access, real-time alerts, and available 24/7 video command center monitoring, Hi-Tech will assist to deter crime, reduce false alarms, keep customers informed, and increase the police response time during a critical event.

Visual Alarm Detection: Create and designate security zones custom to your organization. Each of these zones are equipped to detect intruders by motion. In the event a zone is triggered, video footage is instantly sent to the video command center where the live footage and also video footage leading up to the triggering event is reviewed to make an informed decision on what’s happening. They can then control to activate the lighting, and audio broadcasts down to the location if needed.

Command and Control: The power is in your hands with Hi-Tech! Create and automate audio broadcasts, live audio announcements, sirens, and remote lighting controls to keep your property and employees safe. Don’t need monitoring all the time? Agents are only notified and engage with a property’s video when the site is armed and an event trigger occurs, notifying them of an incident, ensuring they are alert and ready to respond.

Protect Properties with Actionable Insights

Efficiently review and identify critical incidents and instantly share video footage to law enforcement or insurance companies. 

Receive automated health monitoring to ensure your recorders are properly working, staying ahead of potential network outages, camera failures, or tampering. 

Visually verify and confirm instances like a door being propped open, movement after-hours in secured areas, alarms and more!