Security & Safety

Discover a new way to secure your home with the latest technology:

professionally installed, customized to your family, and controlled from anywhere

Peace of Mind.

Advanced protection: Your system with Hi-Touch provides 24/7 protection and connects with your home to keep you and your family safe.

Professionally monitored: In the event of an emergency, your monitoring service will alert your local emergency services -police, firefighters, EMS.

Fully Customizable: With Hi-Touch as your home security service provider, you can design the ideal system for you and your family’s needs and budget.


Unexpected Activity Alerts.

Proactive and intelligent protection powered by Hi-Touch helps spot unusual activity early and learns your everyday behavior to let you know when something is out of the ordinary.

Your Day, Your Way.

Customize the way your home behaves! Hi-Touch connects your security, lights, locks, thermostat, and more into one system allowing you to simplify your day and night.

Forgot something?

No worries! Hi-Touch is able to use your smartphone when you are leaving the house to remind you to arm your system, adjust your thermostat, close your garage, lock your door, and more!

Crash & Smash proof!

Unlike other security systems, Hi-Touch is capable of acting proactively with safeguards to signal for help, even if the intruder enters and smashes your security panel. You will also get an alert to allow you to be aware of what’s going on.

Smoke & Carbon Safety.

Stop fumes from spreading. Get alerts letting you know smoke or carbon monoxide has been detected and telling you where!

Safety. Toxic fumes spread faster when your heat or AC is running. With Hi-Touch, we can protect you by pausing your thermostat when smoke or CO is detected.

False alarm protection. You can easily cancel the alarm if it has gone off in error or from burning your dinner.

Get the most out of your home.

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